Requirements for manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal "Society and Economy"

The content of the article should correspond to the thematic areas of the journal which mainly highlights the results of scientific research in the fields of economics, social relationships, and politics (theoretical and methodological issues are of importance). The article should have a degree of scientific novelty and be of interest to specialists in the relevant areas.

The manuscript should not exceed 60 thousand characters or approximately 10.000 words.

It is also required to indicate the author's last name, first name, middle name or patronymic (fully); his academic degree, academic rank; position and place of work (with full official name of the organization); contact e-mail (to be published in the journal), office and home phone numbers. If the article is written by a group of authors, the e-mail of one of them should be indicated. The title of the article, as well as a short summary (5-10 lines) in the beginning, and a set of keywords, should be written in Russian and English languages.

General settings

Manuscripts should be provided in the format doc (Word 1997- 2003). Page Setup: top margin 2.0, bottom margin 2.0, left margin 3.0, right margin 2.0. Font 14 Times New Roman capital letters, line spacing 1.5; keywords abstract - font size 10. Footnotes: font size 10, line spacing 1, without indentation. Bibliographic list - a list of references to which there are links, references and citations in the text is at the end of the article in accordance with the accepted standards of bibliographic description.

In the article, after mentioning or quoting a literary source, a reference to the particular work is made indicating in square brackets the number of the literary source on the bibliographic list, and also the page(s) on which the quoted excerpt is to be found. Details are separated by commas, for example: [11, pp 10-16].

The author should also include in the bibliography newspaper articles, archival materials, stat. collections, regulations and links to websites, referred to in the submitted article. The Tables are to be numbered and have a title, and the text should refer to the table of the appropriate number (e.g. Table. 1). If a table contains footnotes, they are to be placed under the table.

"Asterisk" (*) or letters are used as signs of footnotes in tables. References to the sources of information are placed under the tables after the footnotes and are preceded by the word "Source:".

Formulas are typed using the text editor Word, while sophisticated formulas are made by means of the built-in formula editor. If the text contains references to the formulas, the formulas must be numbered.

The illustrating material (diagrams, charts, and graphs) should be presented in black and white, preferably as vector graphics. Photos must be in TIFF or JPG format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. All figures must be numbered and have captions, and the text should refer to the corresponding figures for each number, for example: Figure 8.

Footnotes and notes contained in the figures, are placed directly under the pictures. For footnotes "asterisk" (*) or letters or other characters are used, but different from those in the main text.

References to the sources are placed under the pictures after the footnotes and are preceded by the word "Source:" ("Sources:").

You have to specify the topic of your article according to the alphanumeric classification system of economic theory known as classification codes of JEL (Journal of Economic Literature).
Manuscripts should be sent to the following address: