Skills Gap and Cultural Reproduction
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Skills Gap and Cultural Reproduction
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Irina Petrova 
Occupation: Associate Professor of the Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN"
Affiliation: Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN"
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article states that the relocation of some industrial branches from Europe and the USA to developing countries in the 70s-80s of the 20th century, as well as the increasing number of jobs in the service sector, were accompanied by educational reforms and a change of life attitudes among young people. All this led, among other things, to a shortage of engineering and technical personnel which is observed today in many developed countries, including Russia. The author suggests a number of measures aimed at eliminating this shortcoming.

skills gap, high-skilled labour force, deindustrialization, cultural background, narcissism, STEM education, popular science programs.
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